• How To Hire The Best Magician In London For Home Party

    A home party is different from any other kind of party in so many ways. In most cases, only a select few are invited to the party, and the party is held at home. This means that if you are thinking of getting a magician to come rock the place, a close up magician is always a better bet. Close up magicians are ideal for performing in birthday parties, and other kind of parties that are held at home. These magicians do their tricks while the guests are watching from close range, sometimes even engaging them in the shows. When it comes to hiring the best magician for a London home party, you’ll need to get the best one possible.

    How do you tell a great magician for a home party?

    A great magician for a home party is one who is able to build rapport with guests of all ages, and engage their minds with his or her tricks and stunts. Take for instance a birthday party; the magician ought to be able to mingle with the kids, make them laugh, engage them throughout the performance. Secondly, the magician should have a variety of tricks and stunts lined up for the home party. Depending on the duration that he’ll perform, he should at least be able to leave guests asking for more and extremely cheered up.  It’s upon you to explain to the magician the kind of guests expected, the venue, and such like details.

    In London, some of the most popular magicians include Allan Hudson Magician in London. He performs in home parties and is always up to something funny and mind boggling at any one given performance. If you are looking for an affordable magician, but one who’s extremely hilarious while on stage, then Hudson is a good bet.

    For more details, just check out www.alanhudson.net

  • London’s Best Unisex Hairdressers Salon in Pinner

    London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and the people who live in this city tend to do many things to look good and be happy. Hair styles are one of the most demanding trends in the city and people looks for the best hair and beauty salons in the town.

    To support the demand there are so many salons in London, so in this article we want to share with you the most amazing unisex hairdressers salon based in Pinner London.

    Have a look at the video below which was done by Boštjan Belingar from ClickDo digital media team.

    You can more about Pink & Rose on their website here: www.pinkandrose.co.uk

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  • Traveling In London with Minicab from Liberty Cars

    There are many mini cab service providers in London that claim to offer excellent travel services, but how do you pick out the best for you? Liberty Cars is one the best and most convenient minicab service providers if you’re planning to travel in London. That is because of its combined service features that always leave customers wanting more. If you are a first time traveler in London here are some of the features that you can always expect from Liberty cars:

    Smooth and Simple Booking Process

    Booking for your minicab should be a straight forward affair and take the least amount of your time. That is why the Liberty Cars app and online booking process is made simple. All you have to do is to register your pick up and drop off details through our website and our cab driver will come to pick you from wherever you are. If you are also in a hurry to the airport, you can call us via our phone contacts and you will get a driver without delay.

    Besides the above mentioned, our rates are usually transmitted to our customers once they have completed the registration booking. This is to ensure transparency and avoid driver customer conflict on price.

    Cool Air Conditioning

    Liberty cars are frequently serviced to ensure that you are provided with a fresh feeling of travel

    Experienced Drivers

    Arriving at your destination safely is important. That is why liberty cars invest a lot of resources in proving their clients with the most experienced drivers in London. These drivers have Level 2 NVQ in Road Passenger Driving ensure that your transport experience is smooth and without delays. Their accreditation by the London’s Public Carriage Office confirms that drivers can handle your travel needs as well as provide good customer service worthy of your time and money.

    Sim Card Services

    As a London tourist, one of the major challenges that you can face once you land in the London airport is not having an active phone to get in touch with your family friend or call for a minicab. That is why Liberty cars provide all their customers with a UK sim card. This personalized service is usually offered to by our drivers so as to ensure that you as a client can make and receive calls without incurring additional roaming expenses.


    Liberty services are not limited to only airport pickups and drop offs, you can also enjoy our comfortable minicabs services through station pick, address and Sea port services