Places to Travel in the Europe before You 2017

If you had the ability to travel across Europe and back before 2017, where would you go to? It seems a simple question right? But it is not. That is because there are a lot of numerous explorations to feast you eyes on as a UK citizen. All you need is a bit of travel planning, research and an open mind.

Paris, France

Well knows as the city of love by its enchanters, Paris is a diverse city charmed with both local and travel honeymooners and lovers.  It is regarded as the most romantic city in the world for its additional charming and robust beautiful architecture, history boulevards including parks.

It also goes without saying that Art is the bristle of Paris. As you move from one French experience to another, you will never fail to be ensnared by the blend in mixture of contemporary and classical art displays, latest fashion trends and excellent musicians singing in clubs all night long. Alternatively,  If you like chilling you are bound to always meet up with a diverse array of writers sitting in Paris cafes  and doing what they know how to do best, that is write.

The bursting flavor of food and wine in Paris will not disappoint as most patrician institutions have excellent wine bottles and cuisines to choose from, including well renowned chefs who are always ready to tingle your tongue with some classy cuisines.

Getting a lifetime chance to travel and experience the full history of France from its inception to its contemporary form is not a feat to miss out on. And all these you can experience in Paris France as the history of museums, former and current presidents, including the great Napoleon are brought to life. Some of the notable places you can travel to get the full history of Paris include: Ile de La Cite, Champs Elysees and Paris St Germain de Pres.

London, UK

As the capital city of Britain, London is filled with ancient history dating back to the Roam times. As a first time UK traveler, being at the heart of London provides you with a glorious opportunity to visit a number of iconic places without having to change accommodation. Among the sites to look out for include the Eye of London, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, British Museum, Jewish museum among others.

In London, there are numerous multicultural events that you can participate in. For instance the Latin Americans usually have the Carnaval De Pueblo that includes an array of dancers, samba music, Latin hip hop musician performances, including drummers. Italians have: our lady of Mount Carmel procession every July in St Peters Clerkenwell. There is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival where you can enjoy the dragon boat race, kung fu demonstration, lion dancing, and unique Chinese cuisines. The Peoples Carnival bringing together Asians and Caribbean’s in Oldham.

Know about EHIC card for UK citizens before traveling to Europe.

Rhine Valley, Germany

Rhine valley is one of the most beautiful water pieces to explore in Germany. It is a vital waterway with a magnificent 1320kms stretch from Switzerland, passing through Germany to the Netherlands.

To be able to fully get pleasure from this place, you will have to get to the Upper Middle Rhine valley. From here you will be able to see the Arial view of the numerous riverboats, castles and medieval towns waiting to be explored.


Europe is blessed with so many unique travel destinations.  When making a decision on which place to travel it is important that you do thorough internet research on the travel places as this can easily save you time and money.

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