Why Personal Trainers need Facebook Promotions?

Just like a teacher or a sports coach, a personal trainer has to inspire and motivate their student to excel. The unique thing about personal trainers is that they have to teach by example, and ensure that those they’re mentoring are with them on every step of the way. A personal trainer could fall into any of the numerous categories; helping your student drop a bad habit, manage their finances well, enhance their public speaking skills, and so on so forth. Facebook promotions act as a catalyst to motivate and keep your students eager to walk with you each step of the way. The promotions are meant to reward the most hardworking or adhering student. Still, the promotions are won purely based on luck and chance! This aspect makes it more fun, which makes the learning process more enjoyable.

  • Personal mentorship and training is more than just sticking to the syllabus or what you have in the book. Like aforementioned, it is also about making the learning process more enjoyable. One of the most popular Facebook promotions falls under what’s known as contests. Contests entail several people or groups competing, and then picking a inner based on a set or agreed criteria.
  • Let’s assume for instance that you are training about 6 people on healthy weight loss. You could challenge them to share photos of themselves before they started the weight loss program, and after they have worked out for a given duration of the time. Whoever will have lost the most Kgs becomes the winner, and everyone agrees to play by these rules.
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  • You can then run this promotion for let say, 2 weeks. During this time, everyone works out and does their best, they will share videos and photos to motivate the other; everyone eager for the final date when the winner shall be picked. So basically, everyone is working hard to achieve the goals and targets, while also hoping to win the ultimate prize.
  • The beauty of Facebook promotions is that you don’t have to do it yourself. If for instance you have an SEO or digital marketing agency working with you, they can easily take charge of your social media sites. They’ll help run the Facebook promotions during the entire agreed time, engaging the participants professionally and warmly. This is especially important to take note of since Facebook has rules and regulations regarding how promotions ought to be conducted.
  • Digital marketers are best placed to navigate through the rules without much trouble. As a personal trainer, you’ll need to inculcate Facebook promotions and other forms of motivation to keep your students inspired. Once you lose this element of inspiration, you risk making the entire process boring, monotonous, and it could ultimately lead to the collapse of everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

  • London is home to many digital marketing agencies like ClickDo Media agency that will guide you on how to create, conduct, and sustain an effective Facebook promotion. It’s never a one day event or thing; it’s like a campaign that you have to figure out and sustain. Luckily with the right team, it’s doable!

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